New Year’s Resolutions
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Once I stored all the Christmas decorations in the library shed, and Bob the bear dressed again in his aran sweater and scarf, the next job was our “New Year, New You” display.

We have a good nonfiction section so selecting books about healthy eating, wellbeing, and exercise regimes was easy. Then Boss Lady descended from her office on the upper floor to supervise and, unsurprisingly, was awash with knowledge about self-help and getting-ahead-in-work books. I added all her suggestions to the display but I can edit it later as I’m positive she won’t pay it any heed in a day or two.

Linda, for once, got involved in the job. She suggested we add books about hobbies as people like to take up new pastimes in the spring. Naturally, her first suggestion was cake decorating books. Sigh....

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