Crushing the Hopes of my Minion
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I am 27 and have zero interest in a boy of 16, even if it were legal, which it isn’t. I’m not seeing anybody at the minute, but trust me, acne and a bad haircut are not that attractive, even when I’m single.

Initially I thought Linda was teasing me but I watched our work experience student, Ross, the next day and every time I spoke to him, he blushed. Twice when I asked him to do something he dropped whatever he was holding. The second time it was the library teapot, which is a huge loss of vital equipment. Librarians, I have come to believe, run on a tea as some sort of magic literary fuel.

By day three I had resorted to typing up a Jobs For Today list and handing it to him in the morning. He wasn’t very good at anything to do with books, which is a drawbac...

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