A Crazy Witch on a Bicycle
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Readers only see the library when it’s open. In fact Linda only sees it when it’s open. She’s a not a big believer in advance prep or unpaid overtime. Or working her full contractual hours either.

I wasn’t surprised when the Halloween sweet-grabbing horde had left to find that Linda’s coat and bag had vanished too, along with their owner. She had left me the keys to lock up.

I had another half hour to work anyhow so I decided to clear away some of the spooky debris. We don’t open on Sundays and it would be nice to come into a new month on the Monday without having sweet wrappers on the floor and a mouldy jack o-lantern on display. Pumpkins are easier to carve than turnips, but they grow gunk faster than a petri dish in a lab. I chucked it in the wheelie bin o...

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