The Story Time Saga Begins
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I survived my first week and finished reading the Training Folders of Doom, but today nearly broke me.

Linda, the senior librarian, rang in sick. She left it until 10.30a.m. and we open to the public at ten. Boss Lady wasn’t able to request a temp at such short notice.

“I’ll cover the desk from eleven until one so you can run Story Time and grab lunch. After that you’re on your own, Nina. I’ve a temp booked for tomorrow.”

It was the clearest sentence she’s said so far. Except for one detail.

“What’s Story Time?”

“Every Saturday morning at 11a.m. a librarian reads stories for the young children and their parents.” She glanced at the large library wall clock as my stomach clenched into a tight knot. “You’ve fifte...

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Table of Contents

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