Legend of Alrum
By Gabriel Common

Debbie Pinkham      11/23/15 2:55 PM

So sorry about your family tragedy. May God bless you and give you peace in this really rough time.
Gabriel Common      11/24/15 9:01 PM
Thank you, that means a lot.

Gabriel Common      9/27/15 9:55 PM

I'm planing for the next chapter to come out October 10th. Only cause the book isn't very long, so I'm trying to spread it out.

Debbie Pinkham      9/27/15 9:03 PM

Where's the next chapter?! I'm waiting with bated breath! Really and truly, you have me hooked. I'll be checking back very often to see the next chapter. This is some really great stuff here you've written.
Gabriel Common      9/27/15 9:57 PM
Also thanks.