Chapter One (9)
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She awoke to bright sunlight, and her own hoarse screams.

Deborah lurched upright, clawing at the bedclothes. She could still see the dream-giant with the twisted visage of Jeremiah Stone in her mind’s eye. Her chest constricted at the memory of the huge cleaver…

“My lady!” It was Emily, dear sweet Emily, rushing to Deborah’s bedside. The girl must has slept in one of the room’s sturdy and uncomfortable chairs. “What is it, a nightmare?”

Emily, her grey eyes wide, reached out to grasp Deborah’s hands with the strength of fear and protectiveness.

“Yes, it was,” Deborah croaked, and managed a wan smile. “But all’s well now. The light of day has banished the dark.”

Emily smiled as well, b...

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