Chapter One (4)
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Deborah returned to consciousness bathed in warmth. When her eyes fluttered open, she saw the smiling face of her husband.

“Oh my dear one, you’ve come back to me,” Japheth said. He was holding her hand in both of his, and squeezed her fingers tighter.

Deborah was in the Leeds manor once again. She recognized her father-in-law’s private chambers. A blazing fire was crackling in the hearth, and a heavy blanket was draped over her where she lay on a divan.

Then, Emily was there as well, kneeling next to Japheth. The servant girl’s elfin face was streaked with tears.

“My lady, oh my lady,” Emily sobbed.

“You see? She’s none the worse for wear.”

It was the voice of her father-in-law. Deborah tur...

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