Chapter Twelve
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After a vigorous, playful swim, they had sex at the side of the pool.  He took her as she had always dreamed he would.  Hard and fast and without a bit of remorse.  Borderline brutal.  There was no kissing involved in this kind of love making.  In fact, she thought later, deliciously, there was nothing loving about it at all.  This was not a point in her life when she wished to be made love to anyway.  And Shannon knew it.  He responded to her playful roughness with quick powerful thrusts, pulling her hair at the roots.  And when he came, it was deep inside of her.  

She felt his girth begin to twitch and her moan went from recognizable to something desperate and feral.  A sound she did not recognize came out of her then.  A sound she had never made du...

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