Chapter Three
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On the horizon, amber light glowed.  She was headed north according to her onboard navigational sensor.  Straight twoards the artificial sunset.  There was something queer about racing towards a forest fire.  Alone on an open road, it made her feel once again, like a thoroughbred running back into a burning barn.  Her big gulp of blueberry slush was half gone and with the A/C on full blast the outside world, in its entirety, could have lit off like a Roman candle for all she cared.  She was sick of driving.  Tired of her thoughts.  Why did these little slices of heaven have to be so damn remote?  She wondered.  

Down the hill, around a bend, and up again, the finely tuned engine purred.  Larger peices of ash rained down the nearer she drew, carpeting the roa...

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