Chapter Two
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The Precipice Hotel acquired its namesake from the way its easterly facing wall was built adjacent to a sheer 1,100 foot drop off.  Every single one of the 49 opulently divine estate rooms had a balcony overlooking the chasm of the Royal Gorge.  Seven floors worth of state of the art voice activated showers, mood light enhanced Jacuzzi tubs, and wafer thin televisions carefully choreographed to accentuate rather than detour away from the fine art on the walls, the Italian fountain in the lobby, the general ambiance. 

Then, of course, there was the staff.  Who, unlike the police, were famous the world over for only being there when you needed them.  Passageways and trap doors allowed them to serve, at all hours of day or night, without ever once being observed.  It was a testament to the...

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