The LAST First Date (3)
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“Thanks for a nice night.”

She looked up at him, startled that their evening was ending so abruptly. She was so startled, in fact, that she couldn’t even make herself suggest that he stay. “Thank you!” she finally blurted. He gave her his usual, goofy grin and turned to go. She watched him walk back toward the elevators. The doors slid open and he waved goodbye as he got on.

Sighing with disappointment, she closed the door and kicked off her sandals. She was now even more unsure of the situation than she had been before dinner.

Even though it was early, she went into her bedroom to change into her pajamas. When she switched on her bedroom lamp, she realized that Nate’s t-shirt was still sitting on her nightstand. She had forgotten to give it to hi...

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Table of Contents

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