The Wedding Date (part 2) (1)
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The Wedding Date (part 2)

After the last wedding guests left, Beth, Nate, Ryan, and Meg returned to the wine cave where the wedding coordinator had told them they could find the remains of any wine that had been purchased and opened for the evening. The four of them dragged folding chairs out onto the patio and sat drenched in the yellow lamp light beaming down from the deck above them, swigging from open bottles of Petit Verdot and laughing like four old friends. Beth’s stomach hurt from laughing, her feet hurt from dancing, and her heart was full.

“I guess we should go start our honeymoon,” Ryan announced finally, yawning. They all chuckled as Meg got up, swaying on her feet.

“Carry me over the threshold?” she asked. Ryan stood up and passed the bottl...

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