The Wedding Date (part 1) (3)
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He spun her away from him and she exploded into giggles. Without missing a beat, he twirled her back into his arms and they swayed together on the dance floor. “Is it working?”

She laughed again, and before she could come up with a witty answer, her father appeared at their side. “Hey, Blue Eyes, can I get a dance with my daughter?” Bob asked.

“Of course!” Nate winked at her and placed her hand in his. As her father spun her around, she watched Nate take a seat. He seemed to be chatting politely with Meg and Melanie’s grandmother, but he couldn’t take his eyes off the dance floor.

“He’s a good kid. You didn’t tell me you were seeing anybody from work,” Bob said.

She snapped to attention. “Oh, we’re not seeing each oth...

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