The Twenty-Second First Date (3)
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swearing that he had no idea that Mike had turned into such a creep. Nate apologized, saying that not all guys were creeps.

He guided her into a dark, dingy, hole in the wall pizza shop. They slid into a booth in the corner and he ordered her a root beer.

“Now, it takes a lot longer because it’s deep dish, but I promise it’s worth it. This pizza will change your life,” he said. She took a long sip of root beer. “What do you like on pizza?”

“Pepperoni. Sausage. Peppers and onions. Whatever,” she said. She was busy sending Ryan one last text, letting him know that she was fine, that it was just her stupid bad luck, and that she was out with a friend, about to drown her sorrows in pizza.

“Cool. I can do that. Just one more thing....

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