The Twenty-Second First Date (1)
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The Twenty-Second First Date

Beth and Jen had organized a get-together at a place in the city called The Backyard with a bunch of teachers to commiserate over the fact that summer was slowly drawing to a close. The party was in full swing, with most of their friends lounging around by the bocce courts or sitting at the bar.

Jen hopped up onto a stool next to Beth, who had been texting back and forth with her brother. “C’mon, you helped put this party together. Get out there and… I don’t know, party!” she said, nudging her. Seeing the perturbed look on Beth’s face she leaned in closer. “What’s wrong?”

“It’s the wedding,” Beth groaned. “Ryan and Meg feel all bad that I don’t have a date. I keep trying to tell th...

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