The Nineteenth First Date (2)
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the sink and pulled out the hair dryer. She divided her hair into sections and began blow-drying, an event that reminded her how much she hated dealing with her long, thick hair. She brushed and blow-dried until her arms were sore, then she poked her head into the bedroom to see how much time she had. An hour. Plenty of time.

She finally finished blow-drying and admired how silky and shiny her hair looked. She would need to get a haircut soon, before Ryan and Meg’s wedding, to trim off all of her split ends, but at least she had managed to smooth down her chlorine-crunchy hair.

In her closet, she located a pair of pink flats that were cute and not too beat-up, despite the fact that she wore them frequently to work during the school year. She knew she had a white sundress with pin...

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