The Nineteenth First Date (1)
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The Nineteenth First Date

Beth wandered down the frozen food aisle, staring at the boxed dinners, trying to find something that might be appetizing. She stopped to study some of the healthier meals, then moved on to the microwaveable burritos and Hot Pockets. She decided to for her fail-safe, a frozen pizza with everything on it and moved down the aisle to pick out some ice cream for dessert.

She was just about to open a freezer door when she noticed Oliver, the building resident she kept bumping into, opening a freezer two doors down. She paused with her hand on the handle, admiring him. He was model-handsome. His chocolate skin was smooth and completely blemish-and-wrinkle-free. And he was always dressed so nicely, wearing a chambray shirt, a pair of khaki shorts, and loafers. He obviously had g...

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