The Eighteenth First Date (2)
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“It means that you are affectionate and flirtatious. People are drawn to you.” She studied his hand. “But you are a bit of a loner. You like your privacy and prefer things your way. You make it hard for other people to get to know you. You can be closed off.” She tapped a spot on the edge of his palm. “These lines overlap. That means you have a hard time meeting people.” Layla closed Nico’s hand into a palm and gave it a gentle pat. “You may have short, intense romances, but probably won’t settle down.”

He slowly pulled his hand back into his lap, a smile twitching at the corner of his lips. Layla cleared her throat and held out her hand. Beth scooted to the edge of her seat placed her hand in Layla’s.

“Life line curves upward,”...

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