The Sixteenth First Date (1)
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The Sixteenth First Date

Beth didn’t even bother to knock and let herself into Jen and Dan’s house. A few people were sitting in the living room, but the crowd got heavier as she made her way into the kitchen. She smiled and waved at a few of her colleagues and slipped out the back and onto the patio.

“There you are!” Dan said, spotting her first. “How’d your date go?”

Jen stepped away from the couple that she was talking to and immediately reached into Beth’s hair. She plucked out a leafy twig. “What the hell kind of date was this?”

“Geocaching,” Beth sighed, scratching at a mosquito bite near her elbow.

“Geocaching? What even is that?” Jen asked.

“Do you need some calamine?&rdquo...

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