The Fourteenth First Date (2)
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all of the tiny furniture and little wooden figurines, there was a small brass key attached to a pink satin ribbon. She held it up to show it to Kevin. “Cool!” he said. Just as the song on the jewelry box finished, a little drawer popped open on the side. “Whoa!” He pulled the drawer out a little farther and retrieved a tiny slip of paper. On it was written a series of numbers. “What do we do with these?”

“No idea,” she said. With the key in her hand, she wandered around the room, looking for something that had a little tiny padlock. Maybe a diary? She scanned the bookshelves, hoping to find something.

On the other side of the room, Kevin was crouched down over a toy box, pulling out one doll and stuffed animal after another. He shook and squeez...

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