The Fourteenth First Date (1)
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The Fourteenth First Date

“I can’t believe you slept with the guy,” Jen said, balling up her napkin and tossing it onto her empty plate. “And that’s it? You’re just never going to see him again?”

Beth shrugged and smiled helplessly at Jen and Dan. She and Henry hadn’t exchanged phone numbers when they parted ways. With the incredibly common last name – Brown – he wasn’t going to be easy to track down. And Beth was fine with that. She cupped her chin in her hand, thinking back to the night she’d spent with Henry. She might not ever see him again, but she’d have a pretty happy, pretty sexy memory. She grinned.

“Wow!” Dan said, leaning back and putting his arm around Jen. “I never would have pegged you as th...

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