The Thirteenth First Date (3)
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“Hi!” she said, immediately embarrassed. After all of their fun in the sun yesterday, a large group of people had traveled down the beach to a bar and grill for dinner and had ended up staying for drinks and karaoke. Beth had gotten up on stage multiple times to sing Prince, Fleetwood Mac, and Madonna. At the time, she thought she sounded like a superstar, but she knew that wasn’t the case. Still, she had enjoyed herself, squished in between Ryan and his friends, singing their hearts out and passing around pitchers of beer. She had been aware of Henry and his friends there, but she hadn’t been able to chat with him. The bar was too crowded and too noisy, and someone Ryan or one of his friends was always at her side, talking to her, egging her on.

She had woken up that morning wi...

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