The Thirteenth First Date (2)
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her brother out by the pool. He was by the grill, eating a hot dog and drinking a beer. As soon as he saw her, he held out another hot dog. She took it and took a huge bite, figuring it was probably wise to eat something before she attempted to keep up with her brother’s drinking. “Hey, Henry, can you grab me a cold one?” he called.

She turned to see who he was talking to; she didn’t remember ever meeting anyone called Henry. When she saw him, she could say with certainty that she had never met him before. He was tall and lean with broad shoulders and chiseled stomach muscles; he looked as though he had a swimmer’s body. His thick light brown hair flopped over his eyes and the sun turned the stubble on his cheeks and chin a coppery color. He stooped down to rummage...

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