The Tenth First Date (2)
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the Egypt exhibit and looked at all the mummies. As familiar as they were with the museum, they didn’t bother to linger long and rounded the corner into the Insect Zoo. They paused to look over the visitors crowded around a museum employee for a live tarantula feeding. She shuddered and kept moving.

With everyone gathered in the Insect Zoo, the Butterfly Pavilion was completely empty, something she had never seen before. Usually it was packed and the line was a mile long. She looked at Nate hopefully, and he had already stopped at the ticket counter. He reached into his pocket for his wallet and she rushed to his side, pulling her wallet out of her purse. “Two, please,” he said, handing his debit card over to the ticket taker.

“No!” Beth hissed. “I can get my own,&...

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