The Eighth First Date (2)
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her. “Sabrina, this is Beth. Beth, this is Sabrina.”

Sabrina waggled her fingers at Beth in a greeting. “Lou and I go way back. Like, way back,” she said.

“I was a bouncer at the bar where Sabrina worked,” Lou explained.

“Oh,” Beth said, trying to figure out how to make herself fit into the conversation with these two ridiculously good-looking people. “Were you a bartender?”

Sabrina and Lou both looked at each other chuckled. “No way! I was a dancer,” she said, turning around. She started wiggling and twerking, her butt cheeks wobbling this way and that in her tight little shorts. Beth wasn’t sure who was more impressed, Lou, or herself.

When Sabrina finished demonstrating her moves, she turned around again...

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