The Seventh First Date (2)
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their victory with another pitcher of beer, Skeeter and Marco declared that they had to go home. “Mariah has her two-year molars coming in and she’s been giving us hell the past week, waking up at one every night.” He shook Beth’s hand again. “Thanks for being our fourth,” he said. “None of us would’ve known that question about the Kardashians.” She beamed.

Skeeter shot her a finger-gun and tipped his cap to her in a salute. “See you next week?” he asked. Brent and Marco looked at her hopefully.

She thought about it for a second. She definitely didn’t see herself pursuing a relationship with Brent. But that didn’t mean they couldn’t hang out. “Sure!” she said. “I’m in!”

“Cool!” Skeeter said.


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