The Seventh First Date (1)
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The Seventh First Date

A week later, Beth and Jen were stretched out on deck chairs next to the pool, soaking up the afternoon sun. “I’m sorry that last guy didn’t work out. When you talked about his profile, he sounded so promising!” Jen said.

Beth rolled over onto her stomach. “I know. I was thinking maybe he was going to be mature and sophisticated. He was just kind of creepy. Gave me a bad vibe.”

“Kudos to that bartender for getting you out of there. It’s good to know she was looking out for you.” Jen sat up and rummaged around in her bag, looking for her suntan lotion. She found it, squirted a puddle into her hands, and rubbed her palms together before slathering it up and down her legs. “What’s your date tonight?”


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