The Fourth First Date (2)
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panting. He laid his head on his paws and let out a little whine as he watched his playmate and Peter leave the enclosure. Beth waved and watched Peter go. She was excited. Her first date that didn’t involve being set up, hooked up, or meeting in a bar. Sure, it was just to meet for a smoothie and a chat, but maybe they could go out afterwards.

When they got back to Jen and Dan’s house, Beth gave Butch a bowl of fresh water and tossed several treats on the ground. She took a look at her reflection in the mirror hanging over the couch. She didn’t have any makeup on, she was wearing a pair of tattered gym shorts, an old t-shirt, and sneakers, and Peter had still asked her to meet felt pretty good about herself, but decided to clean up a little bit before meeting up with...

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