The Second First Date (2)
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“I probably wouldn’t have,” Beth giggled.

“I swear, though,” Jen said, “he’s sweet. He’s funny. And he is kind of cute.” Beth took a second to check him out. He wasn’t very tall, which was kind of a relief for Beth, who was only five feet, three inches tall. He had thick brown hair in need of a trim, dark, sparkling eyes, and he was able to pull off the goatee fairly well. “I’m going to go in and grab the condiments and the chips and stuff,” she said. “Be right back.”

With Jen gone, Alex came and dropped into the chair next to Beth. Butch sat his feet, wagging his tail. He patted his lap and the puppy jumped up to sit with him. “By the way, you don’t look like an unwashed troll,” he said.


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