Chapter 3, The Fallout
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“I was in English 101 with her. I think. I’m not sure.” The curvy brunette student answered. “If it’s her, she was kind of weird. She kept to herself that I ever saw. But I’m not sure if that was her. We have quite a few weird ones on campus.”

“Alright, well thanks. Call the precinct if you think of anything”. Rita frustratedly responded.

As they walked away, she expressed her disappointment to Tim. “It’s like she didn’t exist here. Or anywhere. No one knows her, no one is sure they saw her; we have absolutely no leads.” She paused, “Why this girl, Tim? Why her? No one even knows who she is or remembers seeing her.”

“ I don’t know, Ritzy. I’m almost believing that she walked away. Has anyone consid...

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Table of Contents

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