Hooghly's Child (5)
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rapidly. He was vaguely aware of his attacker getting down on his knees with a serious air of business, emptying Azad’s pockets and patting him all around. His hearing diminished and he could not hear the words that left Gulzar’s mouth. Azad turned his face to the left and looked westward thinking about his son. He felt helpless only for a fleeting moment before the feeling departed only to be replaced by one of active resignation. The last thing Azad felt was Gulzar’s hand moving over his face and closing his eyes. He didn’t have the will to open them again.



Raja Gulzar was an enigma for most who knew him. He had been dishonorably discharged from the 107th Bengal Native Infantry regiment through a court martial five years earlier. It was all for disorderly conduc...

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