Hooghly's Child (3)
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verse of the Song of Pasha, a folk song she had taught to Azad when he was a child:


  He finished the couplet for her and they both laughed lightly. Then she reached behind her and pulled out a little pouch. Azad sat up and wiped the streaks of salt from his face, curiously eyeing her pouch. He had always been curious about it as a child, and still was as a grown man. Once when he was a little boy, she had caught him trying to open it, and had slapped him lightly on the knuckles before serving him a glare, a curious mixture of anger and amusement that only Ammijoo could concoct. That had been the extent of her wrath.

  Aaishah extracted a silver tawiz from it and stared at it for a few moments. She had had it in her possession ever since she was a young ch...

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