A Change Of Heart (2)
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His thumb felt lighter.

Save Zizah, Allah. Save Zizah.

A veil of putrid ignorance lifted from his brain. It exposed the ugliness it had concealed for years.

Allah, Save Ummiy. Oh God, Zizah. Save Deborah, Lord! Zizah, oh Zizah. I’m so sorry.

And then, the realization hit him. It was an inversion of everything he had been told, everything he had heard. There was no anger. There was no pride. There was shame. Lots of shame. And it left him oddly peaceful, oddly grateful for its visitation.

He could not control his thumb. He let it fall.

And in that nanosecond of enlightenment, he recognized the deficiency in his prayer. Abdullah Rasheed came full circle in his life and screamed the words inside his head, in one last drop of hope that sprung fresh from t...

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