Gundar - city of Aequor (2)
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Gundar never presumed to fully understand nature spirits. His power, his very life, came from Mardün, and through Mardün his endless cycle of reincarnation would end with eternal life as a member of the god’s court (assuming he stayed on the path of righteousness).

He supposed an understanding of the never-ending cycle of life and death was one of the few things he and Rain had in common, him through reincarnation and her through nature. Otherwise, they were vastly different. She drew power from the earth itself. The animals, the plants, the wind, the stones themselves. She bowed to no god, but she honored and worshipped her spirits.

Gundar had always had a connection with his deity, just as Rain had a connection with hers. What was happening now, now that the connection was broken?


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