The Flexibilizer
By liberonova

Ibrahim Oga      5/27/17 4:43 PM

"Moving along" speaks of some of our insecurities. If only we can "see" how people see us. It's an unquenchable curiosity. Interesting piece.

Ibrahim Oga      3/14/17 3:48 PM

Every good thing takes time, but always worth the effort. I believe we can only get better from our beginnings. I say we keep at it.

Ibrahim Oga      2/25/17 3:37 AM

i love "Life was a privilege", it is a powerful piece. There is a lot of courage in how thoughts are expressed in this series.
liberonova      3/14/17 3:19 PM
Ibrahim Oga, you are the first who reads the translation of my novella 'De Weekmaker'. I appreciate your point of view very much. I consider this literary work as my debut. But I do not know if I will ever write like this again. It takes a lot of time. On the other hand ... it gave me a lot of pleasure and proud too. So who knows ...