Nothing goes my way, nothing
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Cat is getting fatter. Not only is she getting fatter, she's getting crabbier too. When I approach her with my hand, she starts snarling. As if I'm harassing her. She's the one who sneaked into my house, warranted my attention, and now this. Pure humiliation. Looks like it just started out of the blue. Six months she's been with me and on day one of the seventh month she apparently stopped liking me. She started to ignore me. It makes me mad. I'm mad! The restless pounding of my heart doesn't stop. Nothing goes my way, nothing. The outside world roughly invades the one piece of earth that's mine, I don't dare to go out because I'm afraid of collapsing, and now this, once more I've been committing to a cat only to be given some sort of mental notice. No thank...

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