On the fourth of August 1943
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In the end I exchanged my television for a harmonica. Some years later I exchanged the daily paper for books. Because wars and atrocities are here to stay, I thought it made more sense to learn from the past, than to ignorantly join in the drivel about the failures of today. This has been inspired by my father, who said everything is repetition. I thought I could amend his views by assuming that if one studies history, one can prevent the repetition one doesn't want. The last memory I have of my father isn't a good one. He was hospitalized, his skin a deep yellow, his hair unkempt. Come, he said. But I didn't want to, because of the horrible smell coming from his mouth. I regret that. I should have supported him, but I looked outside instead, to a children's farm, and we talked of wha...

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