Something's in the air
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I was messing with the shaver and now I think I caused a short circuit.
I've only just taken the device out of my pants and put it in a drawer when there's a soft knocking on my door. The landlady's daughter is asking if I know why there's a power cut. Now she's knocking at Ati's door. Whether she might have an appliance that caused a short circuit. Ati is already in bed and refuses to pull any plug from any appliance from its socket.

A student listening in to the conversation is yelling: I can't even make a cup of tea! The landlady's daughter goes berserk when Ati refuses to leave her bed. Separated by the door a violent argument ensues. Meanwhile I'm in a dark room, with no music. I feel bad for Ati being disturbed. She really needs her sleep. She's...

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