I'm out of bread
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I'm out of bread. Which means I have to get a new loaf from the freezer in the kitchen on the ground floor. In the kitchen I meet Ati, who's doing some dishes very quietly. Once again I smell her before I see her. We exchange some information about the other inhabitants of the building, while I choose the largest of the loaves from the food supply I put in my part of the freezer. Ati invites me to join her in a longer conversation. I would, I say apologetically, but you have a body odor. A dead body? Just a body, a smell that forces me to keep my distance. So if you don't mind keeping a distance, I could talk to you. I stand here, and you sit down over there, on that chair against the wall. Ati can’t help laughing. She tells me she's been through stranger things. I worked at...

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