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The roofs of the sheds are covered in a layer of bluish snow. The houses and windows across the street seem nearer. The trees are bare, the sky is a greyish blue and lavender. But that could be due to the fact that I never wash my windows. Although I tried for the first months to keep the cat out, I eventually succumbed to her charms. Her favorite spot is my bed, but she also loves to curl up on my lap when I'm reading or writing at my desk. Praise be! She's got perfect timing and she never bothers me at whatever I'm doing. The warmth her presence provides amply makes up for the hauling of cans of cat food and bags of kitty litter. I could have done worse. She's a weird one. First she's forever acting sphinxlike on the windowsill, then she's racing up and down the room like she...

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