Life was a privilege
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Without any social contacts I feel rather fit. I stay awake during the day; I'm alert and take a lot of action in my room. Still I say rather fit, because I could be fitter. I'm not leaving my room after all. Then again, staying indoors might be healthier in this city. I read, I write, I ponder the future of the past, I listen to music sometimes. When I meet somebody I get nervous or I fall asleep. In the first case it feels as if somebody is choking me. In the last case an inexplicable fatigue overwhelms me, which makes me cross-eyed and yawning shamelessly because I really can't help it. It goes without saying that this was the cause of a lot of broken friendships. So in general I feel rather good, but it could be better. For the first time I'm aware of having ancestors and I read eve...

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