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One way or another she entered. But how, that’s a big question. I wake up, feel her sitting on my comforter, exactly on my electricity tube. I watch her. She watches me. She looks at me. I look at her. She begins to pound. The way cats do so childishly on your leg or on a pillow. The room is still dark. I'm starting to feel very, very ill at ease. I'm thinking she is an uninvited guest, and I kick back at her underneath my comforter. Which encourages her and suddenly she grabs me. Unscrupulously. I scream. From pain or fear. I don't care where she goes but she has to leave there! The cat makes a curved jump off the bed. She lies down on the couch to wash herself, with an ease, an ease, a carelessness! I keep watching her for several minutes, asking myself how she came in an...

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