Chapter 18. The Final Trial, Larry's Story - Part I
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Larry blinked twice to reset his vision, but his surroundings remained the same.  He was seated in a rocky clearing beneath a towering peak.  The sky was blue, the grass was green, but somehow he knew he wasn’t on Earth – it just smelled wrong.  Only seconds before he was in the toilet with Nittix, and now he found himself here.    

Suddenly there was a great commotion from the peak as a blue wave poured down the mountainside.  Larry jumped up, fearing an avalanche or a mountain slide, but there was no snow on the peak, and the blue wave didn’t move like a mass of rock and earth.

As the mass drew closer, Larry could see that it was comprised of hundreds of separate blue beings racing down the hillside.  They were short and powerful, about five fe...

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