Chapter 16. Universal Questions
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Larry and Nittix were deep in conversation.

"So where dId you go?" asked Nittix.

"I told you, Nittix, I'm not sure.  I mean the building was Earth-like, but that creature was definitely an alien."

"You mean the Mantis?" asked Nittix.

"Right.  Mr. Fitz.  Although it could've been a Mrs. Fitz for all I know," replied Larry.

"And he was concerned about the rats?  The rats!"  Nittix began to vibrate all over and it looked like he might pop his sack.

"Calm down, Nittix!  I think technically they were mice.  In any case, we can file a grievance when all of this is over," Larry replied.

Nittix began buzzing around the bathroom, madder than ever. ...

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