Chapter 13. An Unhappy Homecoming
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With a shudder and a scraping noise the bathroom came to an abrupt stop.

"I wonder what they have planned for us this time, blood-sucking harpies on a sea of molten lava?" asked Larry.

"What are harpies?" asked Nittix.

"Forget it," said Larry.  "Let's go."

Larry turned the door knob and Nittix floated out in front of him.

"What an awful place!" exclaimed Nittix.

Something about the noise and smells outside seemed familiar to Larry.  "Move over, gas bag," Larry urged Nittix, pushing him to the side.

They were in a dirty alley.  At the opposite end of the alley cars passed by on a busy city street.  Beyond that Larry recognized the skyline of New York.

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