Chapter 11. Surf's Up!
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“Well, we can’t just stay in here and drown,” Larry said, the rising water now above his plaid socks.

Suddenly, Nittix’s eye stalks spiked up in surprise.  “I think there is a way out of this!” he exclaimed.

“Would you care to share it with the rest of us?” Larry asked.

“Well, it involves me deflating to start with,” Nittix responded.

Larry crinkled his nose.  “Ok.  Go on.”

“If I deflate and fill my body with water, I should be able to create some sort of propulsion across the water as I expel the water behind me,” Nittix explained.

“Hmmm.  That might work.  Have you ever tried this?”  asked Larry.

“No.  We don’t have water on Skittix.”


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