Chapter 10. Out of a Jam and Into a Pickle
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Suddenly the bathroom lurched to the left and Larry and Nittix were thrown across the bathroom.  The room continued to move up and down, but more gently than after the initial splashdown.

Larry got up from the tile floor of the bathroom and opened the door.  Water began to stream into the room.

"Close it!  Close it!" screeched Nittix.

"Calm down Nittix!  We need to see where we are," Larry replied.

Blue water rippled under a tangerine sky.  Several hundred yards away a flat rock rose out of the water.

Nittix tried to fly over and shut the door, but Nittix took a nose dive into the floor before he could reach it.

"What the heck is wrong with you?" exclaimed Larry.

"This air,&...

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