Chapter 8. Welcome to the Echodome
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“I must say, overall I find the whole process of human elimination very distasteful,” proclaimed Nittix.

Nittix had his thorax turned away from Larry as he sat on the toilet.  Much to Larry’s relief, the facilities inside of the Extra-Terrestrial Toilet still worked.

“Well Nittix, the gas from your deflation back there was no pleasure cruise either,” Larry sniped back.

Nittix said nothing but crinkled his antennae.

“And why aren’t there any windows in this thing?”  asked Nittix.  “You told me before that this is a normal biological process.”

Larry sighed.  “It is.  But humans have a concept of privacy, meaning that just because all of us do it doesn’t mean that we want others watching us do it.”


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