Chapter 7. One Sweet Piece of Swiss
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Larry and Nittix sped across the sand in a transparent ball.  Behind them at the vanguard of a huge cloud of dust were hundreds of other balls filled with angry mice.

“Speed up!” Nittix cried as he bounced around.

“Speed up?” Larry gasped.  “If I ran any faster I’ll have a heart attack!”  He was drenched in sweat from the dual suns overhead.

“Is that a bad thing on Earth?” Nittix asked.

“Very,” Larry wheezed in reply.

“Look!  Do you see it?” asked Nittix.

Ahead in the distance was a black pyramid. 

“Yes, assuming it is not a mirage,” Larry replied.  “We’ve got nothing to lose.  Let’s head for it.”

Every second the mice in pursuit wer...

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