Chapter 4. A Grand Plan
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“No, no, no!” insisted Nittix.

“C’mon, Nittix!  It is the only way, and you know it!”  Larry fired back.  He was quite irritable, and Nittix assumed that the plate of cheese and bowl of water the guards had delivered some minutes ago were not sufficient to curb Larry’s hunger.

“If inverting my body is the best escape plan you have, you need another plan!”  His antennae twitched with irritation.

Nittix had demonstrated his ability to invert himself while hurtling through space, and now wished that he hadn’t.  While any Skittix could invert without harm, the emotional impact could be devastating.  While full of gas and buoyant, a Skittix could float around freely.  Once inverted, a Skittix was powerless to move, and even if only experie...

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